Testimonial from Cris Johnson, BCH, CI, CT.NLP

"If I had to describe your thinner band hypnosis therapy in one word it would be WOW!

I've tried every diet imaginable since I was a teenager and nothing ever worked for more than a short time. I'd get to a certain weight and then quit from lack of interest or hunger. I've lost 32 pounds so far in just 2 short months and I am determined to keep going until I reach my desirable weight.

When I am at home I play the cd's given to me and I find Dr. DeMarco's voice to be very soothing, and at the sessions I feel very comfortable and in a relaxed state of mind. I had gone to a consultation for lap band surgery and was starting the process when I saw the ad for the thinner band procedure, I am very happy that I didn't go ahead with the surgery which would have meant time off from my job and many possible side effects.

In summary all I can say to anyone reading this who wants desperately to lose weight is to try this before going ahead with any operation, unlike other diets I am not hungry after meals and my cravings and desires for all the wrong foods have disappeared completely. I am not bothered by the other members of my family eating things I know I shouldn't eat, there are no temptations for fast food or fried and rich foods whatsoever. I have recommended this to family and friends and strongly suggest they give this a try, they won't be sorry.

In closing, I regard Dr. DeMarco as my special guardian angel, as he truly has given me a new lease on life and a healthier way to live."

- Allan E. Wapinski
"Dr De Marco possesses the tools to change your life – mentally, physically, spiritually and he is excited to teach others how to use them. Dr. De Marco is dedicated, timely and simply brilliant. Through my beliefs in his principles of self-hypnosis & energy therapy I cured a painful anatomical problem & have since utilized these same techniques to maintain a level of happiness and well-being that I’d always considered 'out of my reach'."

- H.M.
"I have been Hypnotized, many times by Dr Anthony De Marco; for relationships, self-confidence, business endeavors, and past life regression. I consider myself lucky to have found Dr De Marco; for his knowledge of the field and its techniques, are only surpassed by his passion, of it and his Client Focus. He, as well as the Hypnosis he practices, makes a significant difference, in the success of his clients. Frankly, if his client has the right motivation, I cannot imagine that they would not be successful in their desired life’s changes with Dr De Marco! It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery; that being the case, I have become a Hypnocounselor, an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and a Master Hypnotist, having the privilege of studying under Dr. De Marco. In my successful practice, I attempt to emulate his style and passion with every client. I know for a fact that other Hypnotists that I know do it as well! Thank you Dr De Marco!"

- Robert Brienza, ACH
"Dr. De Marco has helped me lose 20lbs. after just a few powerful sessions of hypnosis. Each time I leave his office I feel self-confident that I will reach my ultimate weight loss goal. His sessions empower me to stay the course of healthy eating and exercise. Without the positive reinforcement of hypnosis I feel that I would have just been bouncing from diet to diet instead of making good steady progress. I had the best past life regression experience the very first session I had with Dr. Tony De Marco. His strong voice gently guided me into a life I had during the pioneer days of early America. The revelation of this one life stills provides me daily with current insights. I would highly recommend Dr. De Marco to anyone seeking out the mysteries of their own past lives."

- Sheree Puccio, Archive Journalist, Author, “Meet Me At Crossbones”
"I thought I could never stop smoking because I had been smoking for over 30 years. Tony’s son Frank said that his father would help me….and help he did. I have not smoked one cigarette since Tony hypnotized me and that was over 3 years ago. He was confident, prepared, and explained everything about hypnotism and the subconscious mind to me. I smile when I look at the contract that I signed with myself, my conscious mind and my subconscious mind. Every thing that he did was really effective. I felt very comfortable I am often amazed at this accomplishment because I know what a bad smoker I was."

- Fran A.
"Tony De Marco is my hypnosis teacher and the person who has helped me get my life moving forward again. Working with Tony is easy and relaxing and most of all, highly productive. Having been subconsciously trained to hold myself in check, through a handful of short but potent sessions Tony helped me unlock my subconscious mind and unleash my true self into the world again with a beginner's mind and boundless energy and fearless determination to spread positive energy. After working with Tony things changed quickly. I finally landed a literary agent for my novel, developed a successful marketing consultancy that recently turned into a full time Chief Marketing Officer position with an NYC advertising agency, and have met my future wife. This is just the beginning. Work with Tony, be open, and rise."

- Robert Manni, Author, “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love”
"Tony De Marco was, and still is, a mentor to me. He is one of the pioneers in the field of hypnosis. In the early years when I started my profession in hypnosis, Tony was there to guide me and answer all of my questions. Also, Tony came up with an extremely effective routine to overcome drug addiction (such as Heroin and Cocaine). I used that routine for my clients, and it worked wonders! Drug addiction is one of the toughest areas to treat with hypnosis. Even though I have not personally been hypnotized by Tony, I know that he has vast experience in the field."

- Masomeh Fritz, Author, “The Legend of the Chosen One”
"I have been an alcoholic for over 40 years and am in my sixties. About 4 years ago I had open heart surgery and continued to drink. I was in a severe state of depression and only got out of bed for necessities. I took the medicine antabuse and still continued to drink. I was in 2 rehab centers for weeks at a time. I saw psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors for my drinking. I attended a clinic outpatient group meeting 3 times a week and continued to drink. My family was going crazy with my drinking and everyone felt that it was the end of my life, and so did I. My wife called a hypnotist and he said that Dr. De Marco was an addiction specialist, and he gave me Tony’s contact details. My wife and children all visited Tony’s office with me from time to time to thank him for giving their father and husband back to them. I have 100% sobriety and practice the tools that Tony taught me over the many sessions that we had."

- Noel B.
"When I was 14 years old I developed a severe fear of eating and being in public. I felt like food would not go down because it was bad for me and would tighten up my throat and I would die. It all began when my uncle said that he drank vodka and ate some shellfish and his throat tightened and he could not breathe. I could not get that out of my mind. I could not go to school and remained home for months with tutors being sent to my house by the school. My aunt is a hypnotherapist and she recommended to my mother that Dr. De Marco be called in. I was only able to make one visit to his office and after that he had to visit my home because I was a complete shut-in. I even thought that there was danger all over on the outside and that windows were dangerous because people could get to me. He patiently worked with me every week from February through August and all of the techniques and tools he taught me started to click. He explained everything to my mother as we worked together. I returned to high school in September the same year. I am now 20 years old and attending college. I am free of these fears and live a great life."

- Frank B.
"In one point of my life when I was trying to decide why I always choose the wrong man and what decision to make in my life, I heard about Brian Weiss and his book Many Lives, Many Masters relative to Past Life Regression. I read the book and from that moment I decided to try hypnosis. One of my friends had studied hypnosis and told me to call Anthony De Marco and I did, as Past Life Regression is one of his specialties. I made my first appointment and do not regret having done it. I felt comfortable with him and we worked on quite a few different issues over several sessions. After that I made relocating decisions and realized the man in my life at that time was not convenient nor was he meant for me. I was so impressed with the hypnosis help that I received with Dr. De Marco that I decided to study and become a Hypnotherapist myself. I was pleased to have Dr. De Marco as one of my teachers."

- Elizabeth Rodriguez, CHT
"I started to develop an interest in hypnosis and began contacting people who had knowledge about it. One lady asked me, "Have you ever been Hypnotized?" The answer was no. She suggested that I try that before I pursued a new career. It was a good idea, so I found a local hypnotist who was well-known for his past life regression sessions. I came to see Tony De Marco. I told him my story and asked him to hypnotize me. Before the induction into the hypnotic state, he asked what problems did I want to resolve during the session. Well, I just wanted to do a past life regression. I never even considered that hypnosis would be a way to resolve anything other than bad habits. We spoke about some of my basic "issues" and then proceeded with past life journeys. It was a fascinating and very revealing session. I was convinced that I should pursue a career in hypnosis. Now, about a year and a half later I am a professional Hypnotist. I love my new life and it all began in Tony’s office."

- Corene Noack, A.C.H.