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Confidential Client Interview Form
 Confidential Interview Form (PDF, Fillable)

Instruct your clients: to fill out the interview form, and then EMAIL it to you. They can also PRINT a copy and fax or mail it to you as well as print a copy for their records. Send them a copy of these instructions with useful screenshots:
 Confidential Interview Form Client Instructions (PDF)

Note: You (TBH Practitioneer) may customize the MS WORD interview form by replacing Dr. De Marco's name/address/phone/email with your own.
 Disclosure of Hypnosis Services form  

 TBH (editable) Business Card - Front
 TBH (editable) Business Card - Back

 TBH "Pink" Brochure - Front
 TBH "Pink" Brochure - Back
 TBH "Pink" Brochure - Back (original)

 TBH Brochure - Front
 TBH Brochure - Back
 TBH Brochure - Back (new version)

 Best Choice Last Resort Brochure
 TBH 'Look Perfect For Summer' Brochure - Front
 TBH 'Look Perfect For Summer' Brochure - Back

 TBH 'Brides' Brochure - Front
 TBH 'Brides' Brochure - Back

 Fee Agreement Client-Hypnotist
 Lose Weight Contract
 Lose Weight Contract Cover
 Lose Weight Affirmations
 Lose Weight Affirmations Cover
 Smoking Contract
 Smoking Contract Cover
 Smoking Affirmations
 Smoking Affirmations Cover
 Stress Management Contract
 Stress Management Contract Cover
 Stress Affirmations
 Stress Affirmations Cover
 Food Chart Values
 Stomach's Sweet Tooth
 Sugar Chart
MP3 Files
 Hospital Sounds
Animated Gastric Band Surgery:
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Other Thinner Band Hypnosis® Video (on YouTube)
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