O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y

Is this the right time for you to emerge into the person that you were meant to be? Most of the time change is entirely up to you, with your willing, personal participation in methods directed to attaining the desired change. We, at Thinner Band Hypnosis, through our vast experiences with persons seeking our assistance throughout the years, have come to believe that there are several excellent approaches to weight management and well-being. We have created and molded our healing techniques through the actual past successes and failures that we have occasioned with our clients. Our healing can be categorized as psychological or spiritual or both to bring about mental and physical change. You must agree that well-being should be a priority in our lives. Our focus should be on whole-body harmony and health.

Emotions and feelings can be friends or enemies. We want to desensitize and eliminate the enemies and promote the friends. The persons that controls their emotions and feelings control their lives. We believe in the extreme and enormous power of the subconscious mind to permit us to take back control of our lives, to take back our power….which includes reaching an ideal target weight for our excellent health, fabulous self-confidence and unparalleled self-esteem. Our energy systems are able to be stimulated, directed, and balanced to free physical blockages, not only that cause ill health but prohibit us from maintaining proper eating habits. Free-flowing, balanced energy directed to the ‘trouble’ spots heals where once it was thought that healing of any kind was not possible. Free-flowing balanced energy also boosts the immune system and maintains the tissues, cells, organs and systems in excellent condition thereby creating prevention rather than a need for correction. Your life is truly more than, and beyond weight. Every part of you is your life, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Our program incorporates all of your needs, really…. every part of you.

It is not our intention to convince you that our approach to weight management and healing works, but to convince you to give what we do a ‘try’, for, as in life’s pursuits, the results are the convincers. We would like to place you in the position to have the opportunity to be what you have dreamed or imagined yourself to be. You owe it to yourself to take time for yourself, and to grow psychologically and spiritually. The renowned Dr. C.G. Jung declared that the part of us that heals is one’s true self. You owe it to yourself to enjoy life to the fullest.

We firmly believe that persons seeking holistic help such as ours, owe it to themselves to avail themselves of the best allopathic medical and psychological professional services that they can obtain. Life is precious and we must cherish and protect it.