I am happy to announce that (6) Post-Actual Gastric Band Surgery sessions have been videotaped honestly and exactly as they were conducted without any content editing. There are (10) DVDs (approx. 8 hours viewing time) in all, which capture actual, unrehearsed sessions for work with a client who was suffering from an enlarged esophagus 4 times the size of a normal esophagus, almost the size of his stomach, which resulted 4 years after actual gastric band surgery. He was truly suffering and was willing to travel 200+ miles per session to work with the Thinner Band Hypnosis Program to stop addictive eating in all forms. You may read about him and his problems in a recent article that I wrote for the NGH Journal of Hypnotism; Click here for the article. These sessions are spontaneous and as stated, are unrehearsed so that you may see the work in real life form. You may also view 7 clips of these DVDs on YouTube. We hypnotists know that you seldom heal human issues and addictions by putting a band-aid on the body. All healing begins in the mind. There is not much sense to having the band surgically applied unless the mind cooperates with the body band as the mind is infinitely more powerful than the band. The mind can and does stretch the stomach to accommodate more and more food as proven by so many negative effects that have been reported over the years.

The positive side is that we can now approach the medical community with our literature describing how we hypnotists can absolutely complement the surgery with our sessions in which we program the mind to eat properly for the rest of their life. If one chooses surgery and pays the upwards of $25,000 fee, he or she would be foolish not to fortify the results of the surgery and assure accomplishment of life-long goals through a small investment with a hypnotist. In this regard, most doctors would welcome our assistance with their patients to assure success. Just imagine the impact of this type of success and how in the future, the doctors would suggest follow-up and even pre-surgery care with us. We are becoming well-respected as our independent profession grows through our dedication and service.

These videos are sold only to hypnotists licensed to use the original, Thinner Band Hypnosis trademarked, Imaginary Gastric Band Surgery Program within which every aspect of the addictive approach to weight loss is fully and completely explained and scripted. The original program is undoubtedly the most effective and rewarding program in existence today. These new post-actual gastric bands surgery DVDs are unique and as far as I know, the only video recordings of (6) post-actual surgery hypnosis sessions being offered to hypnotists. How many times have you bought something in your life that was not worth the money that you paid and then had to buy the higher priced product to accomplish your goals? When I began my practice I was truly engrossed in hypnosis work with addictions and after a few years of using the original scripts that I wrote, I realized that every technique I utilized could be converted to successfully work with any and all issues that are brought to your office. This is what you receive with the Thinner Band Hypnosis Program. This is not only a business in a box, it is an hypnosis practice education in a box. Hypnotists that are new to our profession have the ability to conduct their practices as if they had many, many years in the field of hypnotism.

Become a Licensee: Take advantage of learning from a highly experienced (25 years) addictions specialist with (6) hypnosis session on (10) DVDs. Click here to review the brochure for becoming a trademark protected Thinner Band Hypnosis Licensee so that you may be able to purchase these unique and highly rewarding DVDs.

You may call me at 973 595 0460 to purchase this set or email me at
The cost of this (10) DVD set is $499.

Anthony F. De Marco, LL.B., Ph.D., DNGH
Landline 973 595 0460
The following is a brief description of the contents of the (10) DVDs:

DVD 1 - Session 1 (A)
Introduction To Program
Waking State Educational Aspect
Rapport Building
DVD 2 - Session 1 (B)
- White Light Induction
- Forgiveness
- Safe and Secret Place
- Self-Hypnosis
- Thumb-Rubbing Technique Craving Elimination
DVD 3 Session 2
Parts Communication Technique Demonstration
DVD 4 - Session 3
Time Line Repair Technique Demonstration
DVD 5 - Session 4 (A)
Further Waking State Client Discussions
Some Effects of Actual Gastric Band surgery
Maxwell Maltz, MD –“Psycho Cybernetics” Discussion
EFT Explanation With Tapping Procedures
DVD 6 - Session 4 (B)
Healing Room Imagery Demonstration
EFT Meridian Energy Stimulation Demonstration
DVD 7 - Session 5 (A)
Further Waking State Client Discussions
Black Hole Explanation
Immune System Enhancement Explanation
DVD 8 - Session 5(B)
Black Hole Technique Demonstration
Immune System Enhancement Demonstration
DVD 9 - Session 6 (A)
Gastric Band Saline Solution Adjustment Demonstration
Relapse Prevention Demonstration
DVD 10 - Session 6 (B)
Future Progression Technique Demonstration
Two Tables Of Food Technique Imagery