C O M P A R I S O N   C H A R T

Procedure Surgical Gastric Band Thinner Band Hypnosis®
What is banding? • The placement of an adjustable silicone band is surgically made around the top part of the stomach to create a small pouch about the size of a golf ball • Hypnotic application of Imaginary Gastric Band with special effects

• Your subconscious mind is convinced that a band of muscles around the upper part of your stomach is being contracted the same as if it were a surgical procedure

• You truly believe that your stomach has been reduced to the size of a pink golf ball

• This subconscious belief causes you to react as if a band were really around your stomach
How does it work? • Because the space to be filled is now approx. 1/12th of the stomach before the band was inserted, much less food signals satisfaction and fullness to the brain

• Food drips slowly into main stomach

• The band is adjusted through saline injection into the band
• Now that it takes less to fill the ‘golf ball’, your stomach sends messages to your brain that you are completely satisfied

• You eat less and are satisfied quickly

• You identify hunger properly

• The band is adjusted through hypnosis by imagining that a saline solution is being injected into the band
What is the weight loss? • 60% excess weight loss • Hypnosis for weight loss and weight management has been successful for thousands of people for over 50 years

• The imaginary lap band has increased this success and increased the amount of weight that is actually lost

• You successfully reach your target weight and the goals that you set through your unyielding, conscious and subconscious desire to create a new you
Is there any discomfort with the band? • Nausea and/or vomiting
• Gastroesophageal reflux
• Medicine obstruction
• Constipation
• Dysphagia
• Diarrhea
• Abnormal stools
• Constipation
• Diverticulosis
• The imaginary gastric band does not affect the body in any fashion

• The band is all in the mind not in the body but works as if it were without any discomfort
Are there any other benefits? • Just weight loss • Nagging issues are resolved through desensitization techniques so that your subconscious mind is receptive and ‘cleansed’ hypnotically.

• You set short term and long term goals for weight and clothing size, and other pursuits for a great future

• You enhance your character assets

• Create a safe and secret place to use for the rest of your life
Is there post-surgery dieting? • It takes about 6 weeks before you can consume any solid foods • You take it easy for a few days with the type of foods that you eat; soft, gentle foods vs hard foods so that you mimic the actual process

• Thereafter just eat less

• You stay away from junk foods
What is the life-long food intake like? • Stringent dieting equivalent to approximately 800 calories per day • Your energy levels are fueled by the small portions that you eat

• You eat slowly and chew your food properly

• Your subconscious mind keeps believing that the pouch of your stomach is still the size of a pink golf ball

• You continue to eat well balanced meals, just smaller portions
What are the documented adverse effect and risks? • Band slippage
• Pouch dilation
• Esophageal dilatation
• Erosion of the band into the gastric lumen
• Mechanical malfunctions
• Port site pain
• Port displacement
• Infection of the fluid within the band
• Bulging of the port through the skin
• There are no hypnotic risks
• Hypnosis is completely safe
• You are always in control
• We use techniques to: alleviate stress; program your subconscious mind to eat less while shedding pounds; give you ‘triggers’ to eliminate cravings & urges; CD’s with Affirmations for fortifying all suggestions and imagery; to elevate your self-esteem and self-confidence, and much, much more
How long is procedure? • Surgery -- 1 hour

• Hospital stay overnight

• However there are pre-surgery tests that must be performed the week before the surgery

• The percentage of patients requiring re-operation is as high as 37% with up to (6) follow-up surgeries in the first year
• First hypnosis session is comprised of explanations about workings of hypnosis, hypnotic induction, safe & secret place, brief shedding pounds script, trigger to eliminate carvings, teach self-hypnosis

• A session for application of the imaginary gastric band

• Following sessions for cleansing, desensitization and fortification
Will I miss time from work? • 1 week • None
How about insurance coverage? • Whether or not the procedure and related costs are covered by health insurance depends on your insurance company, your state, and your specific policy, among other factors. Weight frequently returns to those who do not alter lifestyle eating habits. • Insurance companies do not usually reimburse you for hypnosis services
What is the cost? • According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), gastric bypass surgery costs between $20,000 to $25,000 on average. May be higher with other individual issues. • An exceptional, sophisticated, modernly fashionable weight management program directed to the subconscious mind for you to automatically and subconsciously, effortlessly and pleasantly create and control healthy and slimming eating habits
• It is personally unique as each client brings to the program individual needs, causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Therefore, each session is specifically designed to address all that you bring to us consciously and subconsciously.

• TOTAL COST is $1,995

• CD’s and fortifying paper work is included in the cost