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Tracey Lynn CoxTracey Lynn Cox
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Did you know your vibrational frequency is a constant expression of your life?

Let me ask you this …
• Does life ever feel chaotic, stressful, or challenging?
• Are there things in your life that you wish you could change?
• Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll change, but every time you try, you slip back into your old habits and ways?

Wherever you are at in life and whatever you are experiencing, learning how to tune into your vibrational frequency can help you reach your steady state of calm.

By tuning into your vibrational frequency you’ll be able to …
• Love your body, even naked, once and for all
• Break self-destructive thought patterns and behaviors
• Take control of ruling habits
• Embrace life’s challenges
• Stop the drama
• Set your priorities straight
• Understand your beliefs, your true self and values
• Make mindful, conscious decisions

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tracey Lynn Cox. The fact that I am alive today is nothing short of a miracle. At the age of 41, I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, also known as the “suicidal disease” and “the worst known pain to man.” At the same time, I suffered from relationship, career, income and spiritual loss. I know what it’s like to live a chaotic life. I remember the moment when my life forever changed. I was at the end of my rope. I had visited a surgeon who recommended that I consider an experimental cortical brain implant to ease the pain. After a failed attempt at brain surgery, it was too much for me to handle. Emotionally, I knew that I could not face that kind of surgery. I finally succumbed to asking God for strength and knowledge. It was then when I discovered hypnotherapy and a method for changing my vibrational frequency. After several sessions, my medications were reduced by more than half, which led me to become a believer in hypnotherapy. From this life altering experience, I was compelled to dedicate my career to helping others lead a victorious, centered and freedom filled life. Today I bring to you a rich background of diverse coaching certifications and transpersonal hypnotherapy certifications .

No one can truly know exactly what you’re going through.

Whether your life is chaotic and slipping out of control or you just want to become more in tune with yourself, with your permission, I would be honored to show you how to use the resource that already exists inside of you. The resource is the energies of your physical body, mental and emotional state and spiritual being. When these energies sync and work together, you’ll begin to experience an abundant, victorious and freedom filled life. My coaching and hypnotherapy methods can help you identify, understand and overcome life’s obstacles, so you can be victorious no matter what circumstance you are facing.

There’s a gift in the experience. Let yourself find it.

Tracey Lynn Cox is a Vibrational Change Coach and Master Hypnotherapist and NATH Trainer inspiring and empowering women to find balance, create inner peace, and overcome the obstacles of a chaotic life.
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Vibrational Change Coaching

Are you going through a transition? Do you feel like some parts of your life are in tune and others are slightly off? Whether you are dealing with a financial woe, anxiety, stress, death of a loved one, a health concern, a relationship issue, a specific fear such as getting on an airplane or public speaking or you’re motivated to up level your life and thinking, Vibrational Change Coaching can help. We are multifaceted human beings and it’s natural for some areas of our lives to vibrate at a higher or lower frequency than others. Together, we can discover what’s blocking your energy from flowing, so that you can achieve a centered and calm steady state even in times of chaos.

Are you ready to take action and make a change?

My whole process relies on you feeling comfortable. My goal is for you to feel safe, relaxed and in control at all times. We can’t always run away from life, but what I can teach you is how to create a peaceful moment for yourself in the midst of turbulent times. Picture yourself on a cloud inside of a tornado. You’re at peace knowing that you have what it takes to rise up victorious and free. Let’s get started. What coaching style do you prefer? One-on-one with TLC

Let the relaxation begin.

Work with me on a personal, one-on-one basis to better understand how to overcome and cope with the challenges you are facing in your everyday life. I’ve supported clients successfully who have experienced a wide range of problems. I approach every situation with the same amount of respect, so you’ll feel comfortable knowing that no circumstance is too big or too small. Together we’ll work through the issues you are facing, break through habits, and balance your energetic state.