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Sandra Enders Sandra Enders
Address: 23 Oregon Ave., East Haven, CT 06512-4120
Phone: 203-468-6277
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Sandy has a fairly diverse background including 24 years in the business environment in retail management and financial services. Tired of the production and sales pressures of the for-profit world, she moved into education in September of 2001. The move to education during the week of 9-11 was one she will not quickly forget, and it confirmed to her that it was where she wanted to stay, teaching social studies and human behavior. As a firm believer in lifelong learning, whether formal or informal study, she has remained in course development and instruction ever since. Although she has instructed in various areas of both business and the social and behavioral sciences, her current focus is in teaching sociology online at the junior college level.

For undergraduate work, she holds an associates and bachelors degree in business, and a second bachelor degree in the social & behavioral sciences. For graduate work, she holds a masters degree in political science, a sixth year certificate in educational foundations, and a second masters in psychology. Sandy adheres to a multidisciplinary approach to the study of society and human behavior, and holds to the importance of knowing the philosophical roots of today’s thinking. Through formal study in various disciplines as well as diversity in college choices, mixing public secular and faith based schools, she has tried to grasp an understanding of the human condition. Although what she sees is often not nice, her outlook on life and the world is always optimistic and faith filled. Childhood was not good to her being on her own at a very young age and having to deal with constant conflict, abuse and dysfunction from the family that surrounded her. Her desire to study human behavior began with this early setting of continuous negative reinforcement.

Sandy has interests in the areas of adoption issues, eating disorders, and religion in society, topics which she has had personal experience with. She has completed two internships through the years in the CT County Court System in the State Attorney's Office in New Haven, and at Saint Francis Home for Children in New Haven, working with at-risk adolescents. She is a regular contributor to Adoption Today Magazine and is currently pursuing a professional counselors license in Connecticut. She is certified as a Consulting Hynotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and is registered in the State of Connecticut to practise hypnosis. She is also certified to instruct a SAMHSA approved stress prevention program developed at the Consultation Center at Yale University (PI David Snow PhD), Coping with Work and Family Stress: A Workplace Preventative Intervention. She is currently pursuing level 1 certification training with Cathy Malchiodi PhD, from the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.

Sandy was raised in East Haven where she currently resides with her family on Oregon Avenue near the shoreline in Momauguin in one of the earlier homes (circa 1900) still standing in the community. She is an active volunteer at Saint Clare’s Roman Catholic Parish. Her primary ministry is in church liturgy as a lector of biblical scriptures during mass. She is a catecist and member of the ladies guild and helps in various other activities throughout the year. She is the local Boy Scouts of America Religious Emblem Coordinator for the Catholic Church. Sandy also sits on the East Haven Counseling and Community Services Committee.

On a personal note, Sandy has a son born in June of 2004. Adam was her midlife crisis, adopted at birth from Guatemala, and arrived home at seven months old. Dealing with the psychological and sociological ramifications of bringing a Mayan baby boy to America to raise as her own, who is unrelated biologically, is her ongoing and most important project that she will ever know. Adam is currently attending the East Haven Academy. She also has two grown step-children, Robert and Rebecca, who both reside in Indiana.