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Patricia Pedersen, A.C.H., N.C., M.H., N.D. Patricia Pedersen, A.C.H., N.C., M.H., N.D.
Address1: 368B Chestnut Street, Union, NJ 07083
Address2: 200 East Dudley Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: 908-206-1399

A deeply spiritual and open individual, Patricia discovered she had a gift over eighteen years ago: it all started with a bird at Death’s door. Through prayer and the wondrous power of God, she was a conduit of healing. For the first few years she focused her gift on healing animals, helping out various animal rescue organizations.

After years of researching the history of healing and healing techniques from various cultures around the globe, she was able to hone her natural abilities and learned ways of utilizing her gift for maximum results. Though Patricia has her Reiki certification, she has found that through the power of prayer and divine guidance she is drawn to areas that are in need of healing and has developed a unique technique all her own. She has even, through continued diligence to improve upon her gift, been able to heal others across distances. Through extreme concentration of her energy and focus on an individual she has been able to send her healing touch across the miles. Her gift of healing along with her inexhaustible supply of patience, understanding and a genuine desire to help others has led her to successfully heal animals and people alike with phenomenal results. Although humble and modest about her gift, Patricia’s ability is nothing short of spectacular.

Constantly looking to improve upon her gift and learn new things, Patricia started to research the benefits of hypnosis and other modalities of healing. Soon after, she took a course on hypnosis and the rest was history…Now a Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotist, her natural healing abilities and knowledge, as well as her hypnosis certification has enabled her to tailor custom healing sessions for each individual in order to obtain maximum beneficial results.

Patricia continues to satisfy her voracity for knowledge through studying and advanced coursework. She has completed a course study on acupressure and has incorporated this into her healing regimen. Patricia is a Nutrition Counselor, a Master Herbalist and a Naturopath Doctor. She has made nutrition and herbs a big part of her healing regimen.

Over eighteen years after she discovered her gift, Patricia has healed countless individuals and animals; her compassionate nature and rare gifts have deeply touched the lives of everyone she has come into contact with.

Patricia lectures at Essex County College, gives workshops on Wellness, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction and Healing to large groups and corporations. She is a frequent guest speaker on NY Talk Radio and also writes a monthly newspaper article on complementary/alternative health and healing.

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